Twenty-year-old British singer-songwriter Katie Kittermaster is an artist whom, through her music, articulates the melancholy of young adulthood with an undeniably unique warmth, wit and clarity. Recently opening up for the likes of Kaiser Chiefs, Jools Holland, Soul II Soul, Rick Astley, Olly Murs and Gabrielle, as-well-as touring with Lucy Spraggan and Boyzlife, Katie has more than proven she is a force to be reckoned with in past years. Driven by an undying love of writing and performing, Katie may look like a pop star but under the surface is a glorious union of so much more.

On her latest release entitled ‘The Problem’, Katie challenges herself to ask the harder questions, albeit opposing them with the immediacy of modern pop. This coupling helped expand her vocabulary to bright new levels. ‘The Problem’ marks this stylistic transformation most cogently, creating a song you will undoubtedly both fall in love with and relate too. The simplistic arrangement gives Katies stunning vocals lots of space throughout, right up until the final chorus bursts with energy, really driving the message home. The whole song crescendos and keeps the listener hooked with ardent lyricism far beyond the young singers years. The track truly tells a story from start to finish, latching emotion onto you with its beautifully thought-out melodies and Katies one of a vocals.

‘The Problem’ is a reflection of the sorts of things that happen when you grow up like relationships falling apart and the wide array of things that come with getting older. Instead of spiralling down in resignation, the song bursts at the seams with vigour, sonically sounding very upbeat. A parallel metaphor for Katie’s personality, the song, like her, may be perceived as lively, chatty and bubbly but there is a lot more going on beneath the surface. A stunning return from the emotive singer-songwriter, Katie Kittermaster is back and better than ever and we are glad to see it.

I wrote ‘The Problem’ the night before I flew to LA for a writing trip in January, I was feeling super anxious about the whole trip as I’d never really written with other people before and as my songs are all very personal, it can be a pretty weird experience opening up to writers you’ve just met. Around the time I was writing this song I was feeling pretty dark and I put a lot of guilt, blame and pressure on myself over things I couldn’t really control, I felt like a burden. I’ve become quite an anxious person over the last few years and I overthink everything, I reflected on how certain situations had turned out and realised I was the common denominator ‘the problem’ in all of them. The song is ultimately about self-sabotage, anxiety and trust issues.


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