Indie Pop foursome NEEVE release new Single “Over You”

Four piece Indie- Pop band NEEVE channel a friend’s tale of failing romance in a toxic relationship for their latest Single ‘Over You’. Despite the weight of the theme, the track manages to sound hopeful and inspirative, particularly in the big choral harmonies of the chorus section,making it a really mellow easy listen. We caught up with the band about their journey so far, lockdown life and their upcoming projects. Read on below to find out more:

YMX: – Hey NEEVE, thanks for talking to us. How have these gloomy times been treating you? 

NEEVE: Hey, thank you guys for having us. We have been doing pretty good at the moment. We try to cope as well as we can in these crazy times, so staying busy and writing songs, shooting music videos help us a lot

YMX: How did you decide music was something you wanted to pursue? Are there any particular episodes that inspired you in doing so? 

NEEVE: We all started learning instruments at different ages and when we were all between 11 and 14 our grandma gave us a mashup CD with pop songs. At this time Aloe Blacc´s `I need a dollar` was a huge hit – so we started picking up our instruments and did a cover of this song. That’s where it all started.

YMX: Here’s a fun game: name 3 artists, or bands, that inspire you and influence your work, and explain why: 

NEEVE: The 1975, The Kooks, Lorde: for example The 1975, they are so authentic and their creative output is so refreshing and connected to the people, especially young people. It´s truly art all around and thats what we are also driven to do.

YMX: You recently released ‘Over You’. Can you tell us how that project came about? 

NEEVE: I started writing this song while first lockdown at home and I really liked the melodies so I took it with me to our rehearsal space and showed it to the rest of the band. They also loved the demo and we went into the studio with Bene Maile and Sinan Hosgel two guys we’d never worked before at this time. But it turned out we all caught the same vibes on this track and started working together

YMX: How did the pandemic affect your personal music recording experience? Was it easy adjusting to working remotely? 

NEEVE: To be honest it was pretty much the same. It has always been just us 4 guys making music together. So we have our own recording/studio space and thats where we met all the time to write songs and create ideas.

YMX: Professional livestreams seem to be really taking over these days. Is it something you would consider doing? 

NEEVE:Not quite sure right now. We definitely thought about it doing it for a EP Release- Show or something. But people seem to get bored very fast with this – so there must be something really special about a live-stream show to get people interested.

YMX: Since pandemic began, online music promotion has become crucial for an artist’s growth. How important is that for you, and are there any strategies you are willing to share with our readers?

NEEVE: Our strategy is to keep pushing forward, we won´t let the pandemic stop us making music, growing our fanbase and releasing songs! Of course we miss playing shows and can`t wait to be back on stages soon. We try to be even more active on the socials to keep people interested in our music.

YMX: Finally, what are your plans for the future?

 There will be an EP coming out around August and we hope we can play some kind of `distance-shows` when the EP drops!

Listen to Over You by NEEVE on Spotify: