Halle Abadi releases Fiery new Single Salvador

Young Singer-Songwriter Halle Abadi released her latest single ‘Salvador’ on April 19th and I have to say i’m hooked! It’s full of Fire, Spice and All things Nice!

The track blends Flamenco-style guitars combined with South Asian influenced percussion and strings. Halle has a natural ability to genre bend and do it with flair. Her sound pays homage to her own Middle Eastern and South Asian culture as well as adding a touch of urban and electronic pop production to blend it all together.
The songs villainous protagonist in ‘Salvador’, describes someone who keeps you trapped in a toxic relationship. The lyrics portray a tale of a womaniser, all mind games and bravado, and also a woman who despite falling for his charms is clearly ready to say “Goodbye Salvador!”.

I love the sassy delivery and originality of this track and can’t wait to hear more from Halle Abadi.

You can Listen to ‘Salvador’ by Halle Abadi on Spotify here: