Going beneath the surface with CASEY SANA’s latest single “MALIBLU”

We live in a society where we tend to look at people who own expensive things or spend their times in paradisiacal places thinking “Those people are undoubtedly happy, they have everything” almost like we could measure the happiness of someone by the lifestyle they have. A concept so easy and yet so hard to comprehend.

The captivating Indie-Pop band CASEY SANA found a way to make themselves known thanks to their strong storytelling lyricism since their arrival onto the music scene a little over a year ago and decided to use their strong points to focus on this concept. “MALIBLU” is not only another great example of the band’s capacity at creating driven Pop music but a fantastic metaphor where one of the most beautiful places on earth has been transformed into the set of a backdrop of sadness. Groovy, hypnotic and captivating, Maliblu will transport the listeners into an aesthetic journey and lull ’em with its sweet sonorities.

The more you listen to Casey Sana the more you’ll see yourself reflected in their lyrics and for me, this is a common skill only among the best ones around. Playing the card of Mystery and not showing their faces increases the idea behind the whole project where music should speak for itself and instils the message in their fans that it could be anyone behind the mask, chasing and achieving their goals.

An inspiring act who deserves all the best.