Facing your inner demons one beat at a time: The new single “KEEP IN MIND” by Hip-Hop artist EM3L!

If you think that being in quarantine sucked, imagine spending an entire lockdown in another country with no chance to spend time with the one you love or many friends to hang out with. Whether you want to or not, you’ll be forced to stay with yourself a lot and we know that these are the typical situations where someone will find himself dealing with his own thoughts.

The Californian Hip-Hop Artist Martin Lopez AkA EMEL! moved to Sidney, Australia hoping to spend some quality time with his beloved one and suddenly found himself stuck at home alone but wisely decided to take it as an opportunity to focus on his honest and passionate music and started to record new material. Mixing the smooth elements of Jazz and soulful vibes seems to be the magic formula for EMEL! to create the perfect soundtrack to his bars. He’s undoubtedly not the typical hip-hop artist who brags about money and expensive cars ( LUCKILY! ), but a unique musician who found the right way to express his own identity that’ll reach the core of many new listeners who’ll see themselves in his words.

His new song “KEEP IN MIND” has been recorded and produced by EMEL! in his bedroom and, like all of the rest of his music, it’s like a letter written from his own point of view regarding his battle with mental health, a topic so actual and relevant that I’m sure can resonates with many of us who are dealing with our inner state of mind. An artist with the goal to spread a message of hope to remind us that, no matter what situation you’re in, you’ll never be alone in this world.