Have you ever feel like if your daily life is consuming you? Doing the same things, same actions repeated over and over. The routine can drive people crazy and this is probably the reason why we try to escape reality even if it’s for a moment. And what’s a better escape than a song that resonates with your feelings?

MONRAD, the solo moniker of Matthew Ramon, completely embrace the idea of escaping the consuming daily life and put his talent into a powerful and dark song called “WIRED”. A Post-Punk soul twisted with catchy funk basslines and hypnotic melodies, ‘Wired” wants to emphasise the contradictions in our lives not only in its lyrics but with the different changes in the arrangement between choruses and verses. The thing that undoubtedly adds that unique extra to the whole creation is the deep and seductive vocals of Monrad. Think of Leonard Choen singing a novel by Edgar Allan Poe on The Cure’ soundtrack: you’re not listening to a song, you’re living an experience in a 3 minutes journey. HOW COOL IS THAT?

MONRAD is the type of artist who can put his years of experience travelling and performing into his music, giving an honest and more unique view of the world through his art. With a full-length album on the way and more intriguing stories to tell, don’t miss the chance to discover this deep and charismatic artist now.