Hailing from Kilkenny, Ireland, singer-songwriter Elise crafts beautifully folk-inspired pop music tinged with tales of life. Her newest single released today entitled ‘Cowboy’ is a nostalgically dreamy folk-pop track reminiscent of the young artists childhood memories and days past. Recorded right before the lockdown, ‘Cowboy’ is the first track of 2020 from the Elise since 2019 singles ‘These Thoughts’, ‘Gold’, ‘In The Dark’ and ‘Rattling Brain.

Upon first listen ‘Cowboy’ is a flawless blend of modern and nostalgic production, driven by a typical folk band setup but featuring some experimental sounds made by adding effects to the guitars. The mixing and mastering have the upmost clarity making Elises beautifully soft yet powerful voice shine as she tells the sweet yet sombre story that awash in nostalgia. Thematically ‘Cowboy’ journeys through childhood memories of running around the garden with cowboy hats, cap guns and being with the people who cared for you the most. The song touches on the feeling of regret and guilt from growing up and not being around those who were there for you in the past. Cowboy ultimately is about how time is the biggest healer and helps you reconnect you to your roots in the end.

A somewhat new direction for the upcoming Irish folk-pop star, ‘Cowboy’ truly shows Elise’s artist vision and prowess in its very best form, while staying true to both her heart and roots. Recorded in Sun Studios, Temple Bar at the end of February, the track was mastered by grammy award winner Joe LaPorta known for mastering artists such as Solange, Shawn Mendes and David Bowie.

Artwork by Blaise Butler

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