“We just make songs about things that inspire us”

This statement is how the Stockholm based trio Edora introduce themselves, when talking about the musical genre of their music. If you ask me, I would say that their sound is electro pop with jazz and soul influences.  When approaching Edora’s music, their remind me of a mixture between Parov Stelar and Imagine Dragons.

The willingness of making people dance is clear in Edora’s proposition, and it is understandable from the prominence of a four on the stomp kick drum audible throughout their music. This is accompanied by jazz chords and specific harmonic solutions on piano that enrich their music with a more sophisticated ethos than just being a repetitive beat playing on the background to make you dance – “Wish You Could Stay” and “Run Away”. From this point of view, I feel like comparing their music to the electro swing scene and Parov Stelar.

From another point of view, some of their songs have a rockier ethos, showing prominent guitar lines and fills throughout – listen to “Everybody Knows”. This reminds me of electro indie rock bands such as Imagine Dragons. From this perspective, however, vocals sound less aggressive and more polished when compared to the electro rock scene. It seems to me that the vocal style of their singer is more inclined towards jazz and soul rather than rock.

Speaking about the vocal style and lyrics of Edora, this is what makes me think about electro pop as their main genre. Differently from Stelar’s electro swing, their music features a prominent vocal line and defined lyrical meanings, classifying their music into the mainstream pop scene.

In conclusion, Edora are a new interesting act that shouldn’t be ignored in today’s market. Suggested if you’d like easy listening music that is still able to intrigue and surprise you.