Temperature Falls is a trip-hop/alternative rock duo, that started out of coincidence in Norway. Their band’s main influences are Bjork, Portishead, and Pearl Jam. Composed of vocalist/lyricist Camilla and multi-instrumentalist Ian J. Ward, Temperature Falls released its debut album, “Temperature Falls”, in 2019, from that moment they began their musical journey without stopping. The project began with a chance meeting between Camilla and Ward that led the pair into Ward’s studio, where they discovered to be musically compatible, creating, in 2018, Temperature Falls. Their music mixes the trip-hop, with the typical sound of rock, giving life to something new!

Temperature Falls uses music to create moods and tangible feelings in which listeners can empathize. Their songs can be, at the same time, contemporary and innovative, and classic. After one year, Temperature Falls returns for their latest alternative rock single ‘Cut The Wire’: the song is about how much you would do just to survive. You will try to hang on to life as far as you can, even beg for a chance to come back. But we all have that final point when you just can’t handle it anymore and the whole situation turns. Now you will just do the opposite, and beg them to ‘cut the wire’…

“Cut The Wire” will put the listener in a state of trance, typical of the trip-hop music, with its mesmerizing music and subtle elements. Camilla’s vocal adds a feel-good, uplifting feeling to the production. Paired with the drums, the vocal will give the listener a surge of energy. While listening to the song, you will seem to be transported in their musical vortex and there will also be a time when you will feel that the song is over, but it is only Camilla’s voice that stops for a moment and then restart full of vibrant energy! The sound of the drums is soft and perfectly fits with the voice of the singer. The eclectic style signed “Temperature Falls” continues, indeed, we want to reveal something in the preview: “Cut The Wire” will be the lead track of their new album ‘ I Want To Go Where You Go’, that will be available from 23 October on all streaming platforms…stay tuned!!