Today we bring to you something a little special: MILI & BERTIE are a British musical duo whose genre of reference ranges from alternative pop, indie-folk and acoustic; while the artists who inspire them are musicians such as Crowded House, John Mayer and Starsailor. In 2019 they released their debut single titled “Lie With Me” and have continued to make their music relentlessly. Delicate harmonies and acoustic guitar manage to give their songs that touch of melancholy pop and contemporary, creating a unique style and succeeding in establishing itself on the UK music scene. In January 2020, after the release of their second single, they began a 12-date tour of the United States! Despite the lockdown, the duo continued to perform for their listeners through live-stream concerts and also released two new singles. 

What we want to talk about now is “The Other Side“, a song that deals with a journey that leads you to leave your home and your safe harbour to escape a worldly lifestyle that does not belong to you, and they do it through introspective, personal words. A contemporary melody that will capture you, playing on vocal harmonies and acoustic guitar. Running away from a life that you don’t really want, facing your mental health, are all topics more than ever current in this period and the duo decided to tell a little of himself, aware that someone will find themselves in their words… Despite the covid, MILI & BERTIE have big plans for 2021, stay tuned to discover them!

Check out “The Other Side” and follow below!