Today we bring to you something a little special: WAMI is an Italian duo composed of two guys, Lorenzo and Federico of Mantua and Modena, who for this last piece titled “Deep End” collaborated with Mr Gibo who decided to remix it at first listening. The song is a retelling from the 80s of an original song by WAMI and now they are definitely ready to make you dance! The track has a modern disco flavour that will make you take a dip in the past. 

Mr Gibo, the stage name of Christian Gibertoni, is an artist who knows his way around club music: he played in Mantua, Modena, Reggio Emilia and Verona, until he ended up taking care of the artistic direction and production of this captivating and engaging song. The song will be able to make me good company on the radio, in clubs, in gyms or simply when you want to have fun and free time, or to dance alone in the house! The lyrics of the song are about a boy who in the night thinks of the troubled and distant love relationship that leads to the girl of his dreams, but at the same time to the positive energy that this relationship, although troubled, brings into his life…

Check out “Deep End” and follow below!