Today we bring to you something a little special: Vincent Liou is a 30-year-old singer and songwriter, born to Taiwanese parents in the United States. His path in the world of music has already started for some time, while the curiosity that has always distinguished him, has pushed him to try different instruments such as bass and clarinet, but the piano is his main element! In high school, he decided to become a solo singer and since then he has not stopped… His musical style is based on classical music, with touches of bass and drums; while the intent behind the songs is to make people happy and make them able to identify with his words.

Today he presents his new EP, the fifth one to be precise, entitled “Big Surf“, which begins be born three years ago and then, because of the different events has always been postponed. Regained the balance in his life, Vincent has finally started writing again and gave life to this series of songs that says to be inspired by a girl for which he nurtured a strong feeling, but then ended up disappointing him, until he gave up… The EP features 4 tracks: “BOOMER HUMOR”, “SAFE TO CONSUME”, “SWEETER THAN A SLOW DANCE” and “BIG SURF”. The tracks can be joyful and engaging style, enjoy listening!

Check out “Big Surf” and follow below!