Today we bring to you something a little special: Alan Mckee is an Irish singer and songwriter from Dublin, who likes to wander the vast musical universe and move between different genres such as hip hop, alt-rock, R&B, electronics, to create songs based on personal feelings and emotions. Due to his personality and musical ability, Alan has had the opportunity to work with several Irish singers, boasting several collaborations. The singer has chosen to devote himself full time to music since 2019 but has already shown his skill and versatility. 

Today we present his new single titled “Talk“, produced, written, mixed and mastered by Alan himself. The track is influenced by the reggaeton style with an original and captivating beat! The concept of the song has at its centre the power of the single word and the suggestion that a simple title like this alludes, but at the same time also has a literal meaning. The words, as well as the rhythm, come directly to the listener: all Alan has to do is talk! The singer has great surprises for his listeners and will talk about some deep themes with which he has struggled in the past and that have left some scars…

Discover ‘’Talk” on Spotify: