Helping us making these gloomy times less dark, with a poignant and pure single! Dids Music is an English Songwriter, Producer, Composer & Beat Maker who has been writing songs and poems since she was 15 years old, but today she writes and publishes her own material, but she also writes for other people and loves to collaborate with other artists, producers, songwriters and singers. When she was just 6 years old she started recording her songs and since then she understood what she wanted to do in life!

Dids Music was born as soloist Dids, but then she realized that her voice did not fit all kinds of the genre so she decided to create Dids Music, a kind of band through which she collaborates with other singers and songwriters who use Dids Music to publish their songs that include Dids / Tegan Kira / Megan Louise / Zoe Snow Steph Evans. Among her artists of reference is especially Prince! The last track titled “For your love” was born as a house track, whose inspiration came during the first lockdown, when she discovered the passion for this genre and understood that she wanted to deepen it! It’s a song that will surely make you want to dance and move, even if not inside a disco, but at home, maybe away from prying eyes!

Check out “For your love” and follow below!