Detroit based Ally Evenson pours out heartfelt Indie rock in ‘Bite My Tongue’

Detroit based Singer-Songwriter Ally Evenson’s newest Single ‘Bite my Tongue’ comes just after he release of her 5 track, coming of age inspired EP ‘Not so Pretty’.

She combines celestial soundscapes and powerful guitar sounds, with sweet intimate vocals and poignant, introspective lyricism to create an effortless anthem. Bite my tongue explores the complex emotions felt post relationship break down. Evenson describes the overall mood as ‘looking in the mirror and not recognising the face on the other side’.

While the lyrics are pensive and filled with emotion the overall mood of the track is hopeful and inspiring; certainly more of a catharsis that leads to moving forward than a letter to an Ex Love.

Citing greats like Radiohead, Elliott Smith, Joni Mitchell, and Rufus Wainwright as core influences, it’s no wonder Ally Evenson’s style and storytelling feels so refined and relatable even in this early stage of her career and I for one can’t wait to hear more from this artist!

Listen to “Bite My Tongue” by Ally Evenson Here: