Today we bring to you something a little special: Georgia is a singer/songwriter from Essex, who sings in a small band called ‘The Vintage Youth’. Despite the lockdown, in 2020 Georgia recorded and released her EP – “Overthinker”. The sound of the songs contained in the EP immediately captures you, but it is the voice of Georgia, a bit raw and scratched, to involve you in the sound: a mix between Janis Joplin and Amy Winehouse! The last track, titled “Colour Blind“, was released last January and tells the management of ups and downs during the life of those who do not feel perfectly ok.

The lyric deals with the delicate issue of mental health and here Georgia manages to enclose so many thoughts and feelings that it seems to identify yourself in her deep words… A life in which, you are neither happy nor sad, but you stopped seeing and “feel” the colours; everything is always the same, almost as if you no longer feel anything as if you were anaesthetized… But the song tries to be at the same time an encouragement to stay close to those who are not through a happy moment and to learn to look through their eyes, which are the mirror of what they are feeling inside. Accept not to feel good and talk about it to get out a monster that brings you down, learn to ask for help: these are the first steps towards healing! Georgia’s words enclose this and much more!

Check out “Colour Blind” and follow below!