Courtney Jade and Didi release Sunny Soulful Pop single ‘The Way I Do’

South African Singer-Songwriter Courtney Jade has teamed up with fellow Singer-Songwriter Didi to create the luscious slice of soul-pop sunshine that is their new single ‘The Way I Do’.

The track bounces between dreamy mood lifting guitar melodies, a lively playful beat and most importantly sweet conversational vocals from Courtney Jade and Didi with their harmonies melting together effortlessly.

The song is as playful as the beat – reflecting on relationships and specifically one of an argumentative nature as you can hear in the lyrics ‘you never listen when I speak, always argue endlessly’. What I love, is the juxtaposition between the lyrical theme around a struggling relationship and the obvious joy of the melodies and harmonies which feel like a metaphor for the loving part of the relationship,the part that is keeping the couple together and ‘arguing endlessly!’. It’s an instant mood lifter and I’m excited to hear more in future from these artists.

Listen to ‘The Way I Do’ by Didi and Courtney Jade on Spotify Here: