CHRIS MCCONVILLE released his new single ‘THE ARROW OF TIME’, the hypnotic Universe’ soundtrack

If there’s something I’ve always been fascinated by his the Space with all its mysteries and unresolved questions. The possibility of other lives, new planets, new discoveries made every day. Especially in this 2020 where tons of new goals have been achieved about the Universe, the UK artist CHRIS MCCONVILLE couldn’t choose a better moment to release his ‘New ‘Indie Dance’ single ‘THE ARROW OF TIME’.

Completely self-produced and inspired by Professor BRIAN COX’s tv show “WONDERS OF THE UNIVERSE”, the song is a hypnotic piano-led track that draws influences from many different genres but maintaining its uniqueness and personality. Think of a mix between Depeche Mode and the more experimental Muse with a touch of the electro-music from the 90s and you’ll have an idea of what this 3rd single released in 2020 by Chris sounds.

“The Arrow Of Time” follows, in fact, the success of the first single “Fire” and his latest release ‘Carefree’ which was added in the popular Spotify Playlist ‘New Independent Music Friday’ and gained exposure to loads of new listeners and great feedbacks across the web.

Chris is definitely not a newbie in the music industry. He’s the former drummer with signed indie band The Bishops and worked with ‘White Stripes’ analogue producer, Liam Watson who produced their critically acclaimed debut album.

A true artist with the gift of creativity and the will of discovering new sounds and aspects of himself through his music, To infinity and Beyond.