“CHASING SUNSET”: the new moving single by folk artist HAWK AND THE WILD.

We’ve discovered this talented Swedish singer/songwriter when he released his previous track Flowers and we’ve been waiting for a new song since. Now HAWK AND THE WILD come back with another moving song that now more than ever resonates with our will to go back outside with our beloved ones.

“CHASING SUNSET” has this incredible positive aura that will undoubtedly set you in the right mood. Maintaining the personal touch with a wise usage of his acoustic guitar, well-written melodies ( This time made by his sisters ) and bluesy vibes, HAWK AND THE WILD wants to describe a memory from when he and his wife did a road trip around 5 countries. What we love about this folk artist it’s the capacity he has to send a message of hope using personal experience that suddenly everyone can relate to. Even tho now we can’t travel, we became tourists of our own places, learning to enjoy what we always had nearby with our most important people next to us.

The song seems the perfect mix between Counting Crows and Paolo Nutini, but always finding the right space to give Jimmy’s mellow vocals the value they deserve.

An artist we really appreciate at YMX that we’re sure will keep providing us with the perfect soundtrack to enjoy our daily lives.