Beatnik releases Nostalgic slice of Funk-Pop ‘Last Night’

American Singer-Songwriter Beatnik’s newest Funk-pop release is tinted with jazz, nostalgia, retro vibes and a lively horn section that make it impossible not to dance along. His soft understated vocals tell a tale of lost love in St. Petersburg.

‘Last Night’ is a personal song for the artist delving into memories of bad trips, lost love, and starting over. Still however melancholy the theme, the track is endlessly upbeat and feel good to listen to.

Beatnik cites Funk artists like Funkadelic, The Meters, EW&F and Jazz/pop acts like George Benson, Lee Ritenour and Steely Dan as influences which explains his classic, mood lifting sound.

Beatnik also likes to take a more organic approach in the studio with most of the tracks on his new EP which features Last Night having being tracked live with minimal comping. It is refreshing to hear a more classic feeling track in a scene completely dominated by electronic production and it also gives the inkling that Singer-Songwriter Beatnik is 100% about making great music and nothing less!

Listen to Last Night by Beatnik on Spotify here: