“Dare to do what you love, remain true to yourself, make something of yourself and don’t take life too seriously”.

This is how KTEE introduces herself. She’s confident, passionate and captivating and if you listen to her music, it shows!

If you want to have fun and dance to some good old Pop music in the style of Lady Gaga or Katy perry, KTEE is definitely the artist for you!

“Your Place” is a real bop and the production is pretty outstanding : synths, drum machines and guitars make this song a little funky, making it impossible to not move while listening to it. She doesn’t need to “hide her intentions” during the song, as she implores her special one to take her back to their place. 

The voice control is incredible, KTEE’s voice is powerful and the raw talent is there. 

This song doesn’t have anything to envy to the pop songs we hear on the radio, it’s catchy, fun and captivating and definitely leaves you wanting to listen to it again and again and again.

If you’re in the mood for a party, go listen to KTEE now on all streaming platforms!