#artistspromotion | The Desert and the new track “Disappearing Act”

The Desert are a 4-piece Art-Pop band from Bristol (UK). Frontwoman Gina Leonard’s soul-bearing narrative sits atop the symphonic acoustics of Tom Fryer and Ryan Rogers, all held down by Jonny Parry’s rhythms.

The Desert’s boldest and most direct track to date, “Disappearing Act” sees the band collaborate with legendary producer Steve Osborne (New Order, Suede, Placebo). The near dichotomy of The Desert has never been more pronounced, with a raw and aggressive rhythmic body upon which Gina Leonard’s soulful narrative sits. “Disappearing Act” has been included in BBC Introducing in The West’s Uploader show & podcast.

“Disappearing Act” showcases the diversity of the band and elevates them into a genre-breaking, sonic experience. The track starts with the classic indie sound and when Gina’s voice begins singing it’s really like being to a concert when the light go down and you start dancing.

It’s a song “about the fear of starting something with someone new when you’re still suffocated by the fair of what happened in the past; about trusting yourself to move forwards whilst recognising the comfort of staying still”, using Gina’s words. The band said that the song came together really quickly and that Steve added the bridge section where that previously had a guitar solo.