#artistspromotion | Rikardo releases new track ‘Thinking ‘Bout You’

Milan-based Rikardo released his track “Thinking ‘Bout You” at the end of May, surprising us all with a modern and fresh disco sound, combined with the ethereal vocals of Icelandic singer-songwriter Silja Rós. 

Active in the Italian music scene, sound designer and producer Riccardo Papparella aka Rikardo has a strong background in multimedia and soundtrack projects, together with dj’ing in some of the best clubs in the country. About the production of “Thinking ‘Bout You”, he says: The production boasts the poorest technologies on the market, however, as Emily Dickinson said, ‘To make a prairie it takes a clover, a bee and a dream. And if the clover and the bee are missing, the dream alone will do”. We can confirm that the low budget production hasn’t affected the final result, which sounds superb. 

The song transpires summer vibes, and that’s exactly the subject of Silja Ros powerful lyrics: “the track focused on a love story that happens during the summer. But the protagonist is wondering if it can be something more, if the love can survive throughout the seasons or if it’s just a ‘Summerlove”. 

We don’t know whether it’s only a ‘summerlove’, Rikardo. But what we know is that “Thinking ‘Bout You” is a banger, and we should all listen to it!