#artistspromotion | PCTRS unveils new gem “Velvet Clouds”

“Music is a force. Use it for good”.

PCTRS (Pictures) is the project of a Macedonian duo, Dora and Zokie. Now living in Budapest, the pair started collaborating years ago in various ventures, culminating into an original songwriting duo at the end of last year. The city’s vibrant music scene had its impact on the band, that fiercely boasts an enchanting DIY character. All material is written and produced in the duo’s flat, in the neighborhood of Lipótváros. 

“Velvet Clouds” presents itself as balancing work, moving between late 90s alternative rock and modern mellow female pop (the likes of Lana Del Rey and Likke Li).  

About the track, they say: “our goal is to combine sounds and messages questioning social structures and modern diseases, we aim to make you ponder and party (not mutually exclusive)”

We can confirm, “Velvet Clouds” does leave a mark. If you feel the same way, we urge you to follow PCTRS on Spotify and enjoy their whole catalogue, which will not disappoint!