#artistspromotion | NO CONTENT

“If Rock’n Roll is a religion, Nocontent is the unorthodox heretic spitting on the dogmas and setting the leather jacket on fire.” They introduce themselves like this.

Formed in 2019, the provocative London duo made of K. (vox and guitar) and J. (Drums, backing vocals) shamelessly pirates different music genres, laying down an impacting intercourse between Rock, Punk, Garage and Hip Hop, climaxing in blazing guitar riffs, ghetto- blasting drum beats and heart-stabbing vocals.

Even without a single track out, the band has already been smashing stages around the UK Capital, supporting other bands of Scene of the like of Marisa and the Moths, The Soap Girls and Sunny Gray.

Nocontent recently started a collaboration with Producer Jon James Tufnell (also co-frontman for the London Rockers Saint Agnes), who mixed the debut single of the band – “GRIP ON A LIP” – which will kickstart a tight release recommended for the (noisy) lovers of Bastie Boys, Death From Above 1979, Frank Carter & the Rattlesnakes, White Stripes, Royal Blood.

Nocontent are on a quest: to deliver the uttermost sonic experience a duo may be able to conceive and they start the mission with the debut single GRIP ON A LIP.

Grip on a Lip is essentially a love song. Not the one you would expect, though! It’s all about being free, passionate, primordial. We love the fact that nothing can stop the human desire, not the isolation, nor quarantine, or the fucked up situation of current affairs. We’re really celebrating lust as a representation of the unfaded sexyness of reality as it is: wild, naked and unfiltered.

In GRIP ON A LIP, the band blends sonic elements from Punk, Rock, Grunge and Blues to create an explosive concoction showcasing sharply insinuating vocals and heavy riffs of K. matched by the thumping drum beats of J.

A straight in-your-face song meant to melt your ears and shake some a**!