American songwriter Nathan Leigh released his album “Myths, Conspiracy Theories, and Other Stuff I Made Up to Sound Interesting” back in April, filling the 3 years gap from his previous work. 

Nathan can be defined as a poli-artistical figure, navigating activism (founder of the movement “The People’s Puppets of Occupy Wall Street”), writing (columns for magazines), and dj’ing (mixtape making for AFROPUNK). His biography is a never-ending list of achievements and acts of artistic bravery – the kind of actions that make a man’s reputation legendary. 

“Myths, Conspiracy Theories” was recorded as a band, resulting in an organic sound that oscillates between fuzz-rock and country vibes, with a slight distortion on the vocals helping highlight the punchness of Leigh’s lyrics. Words that give us messages of hope and resurgence. 

“Our latest album was recorded during a pretty dark time for me, it became really important to me to write songs that made me feel a little more hopeful about the future. As a person with a life-threatening lung condition in the middle of a global pandemic, I need all the hope I can get.” 

Hope is key. Thankfully Nathan Leigh is there to remind us that, with a superb collection of songs that always hit hidden spots. Get listening on Spotify: