Minolta, Eritrean-American artist from Queens, NY, is getting herself noticed with her most recent single “Runaway”, a mellow tune inspired by different genres and sounds, from indie to pop to hip/hop.  

Produced by Sebastian Pringle (Crystal Fighters), “Runaway” gives us that true summer melancholy given by the guitar riff repeated during the whole song combined to those introspective lyrics and heavy basses. The production is definitely in tune with her vocals, making the collaboration with Pringle and Minolta an interesting and succeeded one. If you’re a fan of pop melodies, summer vibes and sad stories, you are going to love this one.

Minolta is telling a story, she’s narrating her life between different countries, different homes, as she currently lives between L.A. and London. Listening to the track we can definitely notice her poetry : she has indeed been recognised more than once for her poetry slam skills, recently winning PoENtry Barcelona Poetry Slam.

Minolta seems to have the looks, the talent and the vision. Runaway is the start of a new era for this interesting artist and we’re probably going to hear a lot more from her. Check out “Runaway” on all streaming platforms now!