Luna Keller is a 19 years-old singer-songwriter from Tenerife, who back in May released a wonderful single called “I’ll Bring You Home”, followed by a homemade music video featuring some of Keller’s close family friends. 

Growing up in a very musical environment (her parents both play music), from an early age Luna discovered a natural love for writing songs, which resulted into the powerful and precise songwriting she is known for today. In over 3 years of activity, she has been supported by plenty of music publications, and official awards, the likes of ‘Music City Songstar Award’ (Nashville). 

“I’ll Bring You Home” features a carefully crafted folk aesthetic, heavily inspired by a trip in Ireland. An acoustic guitar is the driving force of her sound, which completes the clarity and softness of Keller’s vocals. The lyrics transpire an overwhelming feeling of hope and positivity: “It’s a song for the people I love, I’m grateful to have them in my life and through this song I’m reminding them that I will always be there for them”.

We loved the song, and so should you! Here’s Luna’s music video, made during extraordinary hard times: The idea was also a reaction to the quarantine, I was looking for a way to make a music video in a safe way”.

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