Future Moons are the front-woman Kota Wade & the guitarist Tommy Oleksyn, a meeting of two deeply creative minds that blend haunting vocals, swelling melodies & spacey guitars.

Hailing from Southern California, their debut EP “Seasons” has been released on May 22nd and is inspired by each individual season & priority single “Golden” is inspired by the golden light of summer as it came over the Southern Californian mountains. “Golden” began as a journal entry that vocalist & lyricist Kota Wade wrote when inspired by the golden light of Summer coming over the tops of the mountains.

The single represents the embodiment of summer: her voice is so soft that remind the rising sun and the beginning of a new summer day. Quickly turning to lyrics & melodies, bandmate Tommy Oleksyn sprinkled in dreamy guitar lines that are freshly infused with 70s nostalgia – the modern landscape shining a fresh & organic perspective. Featuring soft guitars and synth pads, the track was meant “to feel like it was floating,” Wade explains. “So, it’s pretty minimal, a lot of layers in vocals. I wanted it to feel breathy and warm and almost slightly sensual, almost how summer feels, just dripping golden.”

And in the entire EP, the ethereal duo uses layered vocals, distorted guitar notes, and xylophone tunes to illustrate winter, spring, summer and fall. Three evocative instrumental interludes between each song round out the seven-track EP. “Seasons” will maybe give listeners a newfound way of looking at — or at least listening to — the planet where they live.