#artistspromotion | ElliS·D: psychedelia and indie from Brighton

As a generation falls deeper into despondency over a seemingly non-existent future, ELLiS·D takes fear, hope and a touch of melancholy to create unapologetically honest, and at times frantic lyrics. ELLiS·D are an indie rock band out of Brighton and are formed by drums, bass, one guitar and one vocal. Their music is a perfect mix between psychedelia and more mainstream indie music, making it accessible but at the same time standing out from other indie music positioned as easy-listening releases.

They haven’t released their music yet, except for a music video published on YouTube.  Nevertheless, it looks like Ellis is having loads of fun recording and posting home performances throughout the band’s social media. Betty Blue and My Annalou are just two recent recordings where is possible have a taste of what ELLiS·D are capable of.