Hip Hop lyricist and artist, known as Crusada, has from an early age been inspired with a natural artistic drive, which has been nurtured through various channels within the the entertainment industry. A professional actor, his attendance at the Barbara speake stage school became a starting point for his creative skills. In retrospect his early success in programmes such as Grange hill (amongst others), and the breakdancing crew Mandinka Rock, enabled him to study and harness many of the disciplines he brings forth today.

Crusada’s biggest artistic influences as a lyricist has stemmed from his life experiences, which has motivated his passionate involvement in music, not just as a writer but as a producer of beats. CEO of Global Distortion Records, the challenge has always been to combine the two, and release music independently. With many albums, Ep’s and mixtape releases over the years, the challenge to keep the music relevant whilst maintaining what he stands for musically is an ongoing process.

His new single “Social Media”, in collaboration with the singer and songwriter Zandra Vox, is a hip-hop track talking about this new world in which social media have almost taken over us and our lives. Particularly, the song talks about bullying online and the effect that it has on so many people nowadays, often forced to hide in shame.

Crusada’s approach as a versatile lyrical entity has allowed him to work with some of the biggest names home and abroad. Collaborations with Mica Paris, Rodney P, Sia, Carleen Anderson and many more have stamped healthy respect for his craftsmanship, and long-lasting relationships worldwide. Global Distortion Records is now the platform for future releases, and with an already vibrant scene in the U.K, his plans are to release quality over quantity, with many more collaborations on the horizon.