Keegan Del Rio is a multi-instrumentalist from the rolling hills and Appalachia of Piedmont, Virginia. Inspired by lonely late winter nights driving in the hills of his home state to the human connection one makes in early hours when the sun comes up, whether that be on a backpacking trip with your friends, or in the bed of a girl you just met. His music transfuses the lonerism of folk artists he grew up with, to the grit and unease that noise and garage rock invokes, along with the vastness of psychedelic music and all the new sounds it offers to be discovered.

A spacey, noisy debut psych rock EP by one man act Keegan del Rio. It was recorded with old dusty analogue gear, sped up and pitched down countless times with Varispeed, with the result being a bizarre mix up of both the stylings of the psych rockers of the 70s, as well as the modern conventions of current indie rock acts.

Counterpart’s recording process was anything but conventional. The song is made up of recycled tracks recorded years back in various garages and basements, sped up and slowed down countless times. The song finally came into fruition as Keegan had the opportunity to use the small but proper studio of the school he teaches at- but only between the hours of 10 pm – 5 am when he is not teaching nine-year-olds how to be in a rock band. The song sounds spaced out and a little mangled, while maintaining a consistent groove. With psych rock-inspired production, bizarre looping guitar feedback, and a crooning vocal take; it’s meant to be an ethereal type of love song.