Zaritza showcases her rich flamboyant style through new single ‘Tic Toc’.

Originally from a small village in Russia, since an early age Zaritza fell in love with music and dancing, passions that will make her shine in numerous awards competitions, especially in classical piano, an instrument she excels in. It’s not until moving to the US though, that she began experimenting with pop music, appreciating its freedom of creativity and expression, in contrast with classical music’s rigid rules. 

Current single ‘Tic Toc’ follows her recent work ‘Slotmachine’, but changes the sonic reference with a more pumping electronic vibe, almost made for the dancefloor. Produced by Dj Titusz, the track features a more modern set of sounds, from the soft intro to the sharp beats and funky guitars. Zaritza’s vocals truly show their qualities: great control and tone, blending perfectly with a hooky songwriting style, which we believe will move her career forward, quickly.

Lyrically, Zaritza explores the very modern themes of passion and sexual freedom with a flamboyant attitude, transpiring confidence and praising female empowerment. This also ties with the tension between her classical background (a rigid, dictated set of rules) and her modern environment, where creative expression is encouraged.

An artist to watch out for! Listen to ‘Tic Toc’ on Spotify: