Tillerman release Beatles-style new single ‘My Eden’

Not very often we come across a tune that sounds like 60s beat music. Today we have! Tillerman is a 4-piece band based in Leeds, who found its identity in what they call retro-pop. In this case, they express nostalgia towards the 60s, while always remaining in pure pop territory. 

The north-English band has a long story behind them. Knowing each other since a young age, they all started playing together in high school, forming rock outfit ‘Satellite’. Real-life then called for real jobs and career, and their music drive went into a hiatus in 2011, until, a couple of years ago, a newly found creative flare pushed them to form what is now Tillerman, featuring a more refined and precise sound reference. 

‘My Eden’ is a truly 60s-era gem, echoed in particular through the choir-like vocals, and the beautiful guitar solo. Lyrically, we are in a spiritual setting, with the band expressing the feeling of being found and loved by someone that totally devotes himself to you.

Discover Tillerman’s music video on Youtube: