Blending blues influences and electronic nuances, The Roadside Bandits Project delivers a bright new eponym album, containing lead single ‘My Own Lies (Feat. John Sterry). 

Hailing from West London, The Roadside Bandit is a collective that finds his guide in guitarist Santi Arribas. Boasting a long career in music, both on stage and behind the scenes, he puts together a 5-star line-up, making the album a must-listen jewel. 

‘My Own Lies’ features Gang of Four’s vocalist John Sterry, who gifts the track his signature vocal tone. A pleasing arpeggio line opens the track, proceeding in a very tasteful mixture of blues-driven rock and electronic tones. The chorus explodes in a power ballad vibe, made particularly shining by the top-tier musicians featured on the track. 

Co-written by Arribas himself and Sterry, the song explores social critique territories, by telling us about the figure of a politician who only say what people expect to hear, with no real intentions. A rather modern phenomenon, definitely tied to our overly-media emphasized society. 

Worth your time! Listen to The Roadside Bandits Project album on Spotify: