Coming across Australian artist Sully was a nice surprise. Hailing from Melbourne, she recently released single ‘I Should Know Better’, followed by a movie-like music video. 

A songwriter at core, Sully’s background sees her writing for other artists in different genres, until her personal project Sully was launched. As she informs us: “At the end of the day, I’ve known forever that I’m completely addicted to the complex simplicities of the pop writing process. Now, I get to throw myself head-first into that love.”

And we believe you, Sully. ‘I Should Know Better’ is an exquisite pop jewel, perfectly crafted in every nuance. From the sharp beat, extremely contemporary and ready to make the listeners shake their hips, to charming vocal chops and stylistically proper synth lines. 

The cherry on top of the cake is obviously Sully’s vocals, who sits on top of the rest like the kings and queens they are. Layered to perfection in choruses, while on verses we can admire her perfect tone and control. A top-tier work, for a debut single. 

We recommend discovering the music video too, a very enjoyable movie-like work that highlights the theme of the song, how to distance from toxic behaviors and relationships.

A must listen! Watch the music video for ‘I should Know Better’ on Youtube: