Wave collective Saint Mars releases new single ‘Ocean Blues’, affirming their potential in becoming an iconic super-group.

Saint Mars is a collaboration between strong personalities and prime-level musicians. Scattered across US, UK, and Switzerland, the three founding members represent the unions of different backgrounds and tastes: Marc Darcange, Angelo Bruschini, and Tryzdin, a young but extremely talented singer, with a string of successful releases on his own. 

With ‘Ocean Blues’, the group aims to build over their previous hits, in particular ‘Loveghost’, in developing a more ‘synthwave’ quality, but always maintaining their classic punch. The track was already featured in their first EP, but at the time it had a minimal acoustic arrangement, while now we can fully appreciate the synthy soundscapes and shining drums. Trizdyn vocals remind us why he is considered such a talent: a vocal tone very malleable, but with presence and character, which blends particularly well with the production. 

Lyrically, Saint Mars is passionate about spreading bullysm awareness: “The melody, idea of the song, the story behind it came to me naturally, spontaneously: the story of a young boy bullied because of his overweight, called “Piggy the Whale” by his classmates and ending up turning into a real whale…”. The theme is particularly explored in the music video, an interesting piece shot by French directors Romain Bedouet and Julia Bois.

While we wait for the release of their album ‘Boys Never Cry’, due later this year, discover the music video for ‘Ocean Blues’ on Youtube: