Musician, writer and procrastinator, is how Ryan Bulbeck, Singer and songwriter living in London, describes his self.

Created by the lead guitarist and co-songwriter of London rock outfit The 295, this solo outing shows off all the areas of Ryan’s musical palette. From rock to electronic, to pop-rock, ‘Who Were You Expecting?’ has a bit of everything, yet never feels disjointed. himself.

Released on May 22nd, under the independent label of his own creation, Baybee Records, ‘Who Were You Expecting?’ is the combination of years of songwriting, all coming together in a piece of work that looks at a lonely existence and dreams big. Lyrically, the album explores themes of love and loss, all routing back to the main theme of life; we are here now, this is what we’ve got, and we should embrace that, good and bad, and live.

Ryan describes ‘Who Were You Expecting?’ as a “quite a drastic stylistic shift, but one that, if you knew my music taste, wouldn’t surprise you. There are elements of many genres in there; it’s essentially the combination of years of songwriting all coming together. There’s something for everyone I guess!”

He fell into the music before he really knew what it was. It started with learning to play the guitar in school and escalated to moving to London to pursue music as a career. It got to a point where he realised he’d invested too much in the industry to quit. Ryan doesn’t really like saying he’s ‘in the music industry’ because there’s a lot of negative connotations associated with it as an entity, but he guesses if you make or are a part of music in any form then you’re automatically involved.

“Remember to love each other and stay safe. We’re living in crazy times, but you’ll always have music to fall back on either to comfort or to motivate.”