Nick Howe is back with single ‘It Belongs to Her’, featuring an elegant music video. 

London based singer-songwriter Nick Howe boasts a rich career of both recorded material and live gigs, regularly touring worldwide, taking part in massive events such as Glastonbury Festival. His compositions have been receiving syncs in various media outlets (games, Ads), while debut EP ‘The Struggle is Real’ amassed a staggering 3000 copies in sales. 

‘It Belongs To Her’ was released in early July, marking Howe’s first release of the year (since then, new track ‘Wide Awake has followed). The song is a slow emotional ballad, featuring Nick’s rich guitar arpeggios and his signature expressive vocals. Underlining everything, an evocative soundscape, helping to place the song into a timeless frame. An instant classic. 

Lyrically, the British songwriter tells us about the painful distancing from an unhealthy relationship. This is enhanced by the music video, which collects dance fragments from more than 300 dancers all around the world. Significant is the caption at the end of the video, that recites: “Art is not just music, it’s an expression of our feelings, struggles and desires”.

Find ‘It Belongs to Her’ music video on Youtube: