With new single ‘Brother’, Leopard Rays confirms once again their next-big-thing quality. 

Based in Hartlepool, UK, Leopard Rays have a short but heavy curriculum. Championed by top-tier organizations, the likes of BBC (playlisted on the ‘Hot List’) and Stockton Calling, the band has already played sold-out shows around the country, thanks to a constantly growing fan-base. 

‘Brother’ comes out today, but we are informed that it is the first song they ever wrote. In a dark alt-rock setting, the track boasts heavy guitar riffing and powerful drums, accompanied by vocals whose punch and clarity remind us of certain mid90s rock outfits, Pearl Jam in particular, shifting between singing and light screaming. A more airy and reverberated guitar tone emerges, at times. A blend to die for. 

We feel confident about Leopard Rays: they are here to stay. And we cannot wait! 

Listen to ‘Brother’ on Spotify: