When we heard Jolé’s single ‘Alpine Green’ we instantly knew we had found a precious treasure, and a quick peek into his history and past singles confirmed the feeling. 

Joshua Oliver, aka Jolé, is a singer-songwriter from London, who last year sparked a fire with his homonymous album, scoring two million streams on the lead single, ‘Picture Perfect’.He was then able to grow his audience through an UK and European tour, and with a deserved sync on American Idol.

‘Alpine Green’ is the first single off a forthcoming EP, inspired by the time Jolé spent in Silver Lake, LA, during summer 2019. Lyrically, being apart from his loved one left a mark, which in turn inspired ‘Alpine Green’. He explains: “The narrative is about experiencing something beautiful or uplifting that you wish you could share with someone that can’t be there. It’s about feeling grateful in the moment but wanting someone you love to experience it with you also”.

Upon listening, the track transforms minimalism into its main feature: reminding songwriters the likes of Bon Iver and Chris Martin, ‘Alpine Green’ is a simple concept, summarised in a 2 minutes jewel, stripped to its core, capable of resonating with one’s soul on an instinctual level. That’s Jolé’s gift, to compound a song into its core while retaining the deepest meaning. The soft but assertive vocals are extremely pleasant to listen to, almost a meditation medium.

Something magical is happening here. Keep an eye out for Jolé’s next release, but in the meantime, you can listen to ‘Alpine Green’ on Spotify: