Guest define their musical genre as ‘Drift’. We never quite heard of that, so upon some research, we came across a few artists (like Agora’) listing the same thing, and apparently, what ‘Drift’ stands for, is the freedom of crossing boundaries between genres, and being creative through a fresh blend of influences. Basically, it’s a way of letting the music define itself, without having to accommodate its characteristics in a cultural box.

And that’s exactly what listening to Guest’s music feels like. From Wilmington, North Carolina, the duo features childhood friends Chandler Kosterman and Yates Weaver. Discovering gradually their passion for music, they soon became a band, blending influences from all over the place, grunge, hip-hop, indie-rock, just to name a few.

‘Rolling Home’ is their debut single, a track that boasts the basis of a great song and the nuances of an expert production. Lo-fi drums and gentle guitars remind us of Modest Mouse, while the clear and heavy vocal layers echo a more poppy background. Lyrically, Guest’s themes are open and interpretable, in this instance, they emphasize the relieved feeling of going home after a long day, and letting the pressure pipe down. As they say: “Rolling Home’ just takes me somewhere.”

Listen to ‘Rolling Home’ on Spotify: