Currently based in Paris, Caleb Linscombe approached us with his latest single, ‘Mean’, whose press release only says a very brief “made in my bedroom at 4 am”. We found it quite refreshing, to have an artist not having to motivate their urge to create with a thousand metaphors and a hundred concepts. Because ultimately, music lives in the intelligibility of the moment, in a fleeting feeling that only lasts seconds. Caleb Linscombe’s Bedroom Pop is exactly that: an impromptu performance made to reflect a day in the life of the English / French songwriter. 

‘Mean’ was produced and recorded in a bedroom, using basic equipment. Limitations don’t impact negatively on the final result, which under Linscombe’s boundless creativity matures into a well made pop songs, with lo-fi beats and an otherworldly acoustic guitar (which might be a ukulele). Glitchy, gamey 8-bit synth stabs enhance the fun character of the song, made as an engaging story to listen to. Caleb’s vocals are soft and intimate, still very clear without pretending the center stage.

We are into Caleb Linscombe’s music. And so will you. Don’t forget to have a peek at his Youtube channel too, to discover his video-making talent. 

In the meantime, listen to ‘Mean’ on Spotify: