” ‘Sad boy disco’ is a mental zone one would typically find themselves at 4 am. You’d be tired, a little drunk and prone to reflecting on the mistakes and failed relationships of recent times. But despite all this, you still want to dance, and this is the music that pulls you in. This very concept guided us to create songs for the wounded.

After releasing three EPs title “Anthems”, we started to write songs for our first record. And it seemed apt to title it “Sad Boy Disco” to represent who we are. Since songs on “Anthems EP” addressed much distress and self-nagging, I wanted to make something more complex. The duality of sadness and happiness. That’s when I decided to explore the sense of “forgiveness”.

During the making of an album, my father passed away. It made a huge impact on my creative process. “I Think The World Of You” became a song to express grief in a compassionate way. “So Many Things” turned into a song about the fragility of the life itself.

The album was due out last year. However, I moved to Berlin and my producer had some life-changing events that disallowed him to keep him motivated. Time passed. The album is still unfinished. I wanted to move on.

This is why I’m ‘leaking’ this album with a few unfinished tracks. I don’t know, maybe we will release the fully realised version some time later. It would really make my heart warm to feel that someone and somewhere, s/he is listening to this piece of music and dancing till the tears run dry.”