His name is TFXX and he cames from Vienna. The main influences of this one man band is the electronic music, but other kinds of arts, like the classic funky, the r’n’b and the classic hip-hop, are also influential. His entire EP is inspired by Swedish House Mafia, Avicii and the Bloody Betroots.

“If I write a song, I do it consciously but it is always the feeling that inspires me. I imagine a feeling and I create it. But there are times when the thought just goes on”.

The new song “Suluban” is a summer hit and it was also designed for that. It is light, catchy, melodic radio-friendly and pleasant to the sound. However, it is following the trend; the genre is EDM-pop but more of hit music, pleasant summer hit. Were made two versions: a radio version and an extended one! The radio version is specially mastered; he thought it was an advantage to mix the song on headphones. Young people listen to everything there, but suitable for playing on the radio. While the extended version is the big sound system mastered.

Listening to “Suluban” and then to the other TFXX songs inspire you a feeling of dancing wherever you are. This electronic pop dance is exactly what you need if you’re organizing an amazing party or if you just want to chill and dance…even if you’re alone in the car or in your room!