If there is a genre that has evolved heavily in recent years, that is Trap. An army of artists has declined the genre’s main characteristics in thousands different ways, creating a subculture that’s still going strong.

Based in Mount Sinai (US), Onik is one of those people. A songwriter, producer and engineer, he released his smoking hot single ‘Overdose’ back in May, racking up more than 30.000 streams on Soundcloud alone. The production works wonderfully in highlighting the solemnity of Onik’s verses, which reach the listener’s ear like a sharp knife. 

Of Bengali heritage, the American artist makes his goal to change the lack of diversity in the hip hop scene, and in the music industry as a whole. About ‘Overdose’ he says: “This song is about my personal connection to the word overdose. It reminds me of a time where I lacked purpose – lost and confused. I ended up going to a lifestyle I never thought I would live. For the better, for the worse.”

Onik is going into our list of artists to watch. And should go on yours too! Listen to him on Spotify: