It is common knowledge that Sweden is home to some of the best songwriters in the world. Maybe because of the strong tradition of chants, or maybe because of the time spent inside in front of a fireplace during the country long winters. Fact is, it will always be a mystery. A mystery that songwriter Kuba Jasiecki certainly carries with him. 

Based in Stockholm, the Swedish artist has solid roots in the musical world, having taken part, as a teen, in shows the likes of Phantom of the Opera and Singing in the Rain. He then moved to write original material, both musically and lyrically, with an EP and a few singles culminating in his latest release, ‘Ray of Light’. 

‘Ray of Light’ is an upbeat anthemic song, certainly made to lift the soul from the current reality we live in. It’s also the Official Borås Pride 2020, a sign that Kuba’s reputation has started to levitate. 

About the song, he says: “I composed this song in a heartbeat. I woke up one day with the whole melody ready in my head. Lyrics – written together with my dear friend Michael Casey. I want this song to lighten up your day with its captivating refrain and the message of self-belief being key in life regardless of the circumstances. Especially in those times of uncertainty on so many levels – be your own Ray of Light. Everyday”. 

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