Hailing all the way from Norway, Eli Gauden’s ‘CottonHeart’ encapsulates brilliantly the soul of “Nordicana” songwriting. 

The Norwegian artist spent three years in Boston, where she was able to absorb and reflect over what we call “Americana”, a type of songwriting that strongly displays classic American roots themes. Upon Eli’s return to Norway, those influences mixed with a more typical indie ballad vibe, which in return created a fresh mix of both soft and passionate notes. 

‘CottonHeart’ develops gently, with carefully played guitars and bucolic tones. Gauden’s vocal qualities fit perfectly in, stroking softly the listener’s ears, as a mother would do with her children. That’s quite the image, we know: ‘CottonHeart’ will leave you just like that. 

Lyrically, the Norwegian’s songwriter tells us: “An evening in October, when I laid soaked in tears, I pictured a small and lonely cotton-ball standing on a wide-open field in a land with 4 seasons every day. And I thought: That’s what I am. ‘I’m fake. A façade. I’m doll with a cotton-heart’, and within 5 minutes I had written the two verses of Cottonheart”.

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