Corinna Jane is a Franco-British singer-songwriter born in North-Rhine Westphalia, Germany, but did most of her growing up in Northamptonshire, England and was fortunate enough to grow up speaking English, French and German. However, fed on a diet of MTV, her biggest passion has always been music. She began to play tunes by ear on the piano as a child, before taking up piano and singing lessons at the age of five and began composing when she was six and subsequently establishing herself as a singer-songwriter in her teens crafting her own brand of quirky (often piano-driven) driven alternative singer-songwriter pop.

Since then Corinna has enjoyed airplay on numerous radio stations including BBC Radio 6 (Tom Robinson), BBC Introducing (Northampton, Bristol and “The Beat” East Midlands,) all BBC regional stations (Mark Forrest evening show) Amazing Radio as well as being interviewed in German and playing live on Berlin’s RBB 1.

Corinna Jane recently released a special EP titled “Song For My Mother” dedicated to her mother who passed away earlier this year. The EP features “The Train” and “Pour Me A Glass Of Tomorrow” both of which are folk in nature and are poignant observation on the life’s rich tapestry. Corinna Jane wanted to pay tribute to her mother with a collection of songs that her mother loved in her recently released four-track EP. “Songs For My Mother” also opens with “Distant Lights” a heartbreak power ballad co-written with songwriter Becky Jerams before closing on a contrasting cinematic piano piece called “Berlin Sous La Neige”, which was written while Corinna lived in Berlin during a snowy winter.

“My mother passed away suddenly after a short battle with cancer. When you lose a parent, your whole sense of identity and belonging shifts. At first, I believed that I wouldn’t feel like getting up or doing anything again, but instead, I found that throwing myself into my creativity gave me a sense of purpose and future. It was important for me to dedicate a record to her, especially when featuring a song like ‘Pour Me A Glass Of Tomorrow’, which was born out of something she accidentally said in conversation when asking for more wine (which is always a good idea). When I first wrote the song, it was about heartache and life’s rich tapestry, but now the lyrics feel even more poignant and sincere.”