Artist D.$ahin releases uplifting debut single ‘Shine’

Turkish artist D.Sahin’ blends classic RnB alongside Neo-Soul and Indie influences with ease to form a unique and refreshing sound on her debut release ‘Shine’.

The song previously described by one reviewer as ‘a love letter to life’ features tumbling vocal riffs, tinkering bright piano, soaring strings and a racing beat plus uplifting melodic and harmonic choices; that all tied up together make for a sunny, feel-good listen!

D.Sahin’s voice is full bodied and mature, her lyricism heart felt and honest with Shines message an ode to positivity, seeing light in the darkest hours and a general lament to seeing beauty in life.

The hopeful tone of this track makes it one I could easily spin again and again. The artist is currently working on her debut EP which combines turkish influences alongside her soulful indie sound and I for one can’t wait to hear it!

Listen to Shine by D.$ahin here: